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Tom Snow
Google Review
No question - worth the drive! When my dentist saw I needed a root canal beyond the norm that he does in-house, he said I needed to see a specialist. I asked who he recommended – he immediately said Dr. Edwards. But since I’m from Greenville and Dr. Edwards is in Spartanburg, he started to think who else he might recommend closer to home. When I saw him “scratching his head” trying to think of another, I decided to go with his recommended expert and am I glad I did.
When I saw Dr. Edwards, he looked at my x-rays and told me that my canal was “missing” on that tooth. He said he’d do the best he could, but the probability was extremely low that he would be able to recreate the canal or save the tooth and he wanted to set my expectations correctly. Bottom line, Dr. Edwards was able to correct the problem, then set in a “drain” to get rid of infection and saved the tooth. This week was my 4-week checkup and all is back to normal. Seeing an expert is worth any extra drive and time. There are some things that you just don’t negotiate on – like your health. I highly recommend Dr. Edwards. Thank you, Dr. Edwards!

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